Tabi’s passion for music was a natural-born gift. She was known to be singing and whistling before she could even talk. Music meant the whole world to her. She picked up and began playing the guitar at just 3 years of age. She grew obsessed with music of all kinds, with a special love of anything that had a guitar, a powerful vocal, and lyrics that meant something.

​She began performing publicly in 2016, after forming a rock band with her friends at school. The band, known as Written Addiction, grew to gain local attention for their work and songwriting. After playing with the band for over a year, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and begin performing her music for the public, alone. She credits this as her first step into finding her sound as a solo artist. ​

As a mental health advocate and artist, Tabi is set out on a mission to share her story with anyone willing to listen. Tackling touch topics, such as family trauma, body positivity, eating disorder recovery, and the struggles of mental health, she uses her intimate lyrics and dynamic vocals to paint pictures of her past experiences as a queer woman in the music industry and the world. She hopes to show her audiences that they are not alone in their experiences and contribute towards fighting the stigma of mental health in our society.

​Her debut EP, Lost Cause, is set to release in the Spring of 2023. Touching on pandemic mental health, eating disorders, struggles with suicidal thoughts, and childhood trauma, Lost Cause is a detailed description of her last 20 years - the good, the bad, and the ugly. To help fund the record - please email us at

Check out her music and explore this page for more.

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