Tabi Terusiak is a singer/ songwriter creating music that dives into the raw human emotions that many of us feel but are too afraid to address. Growing up in the DMV listening to a variety of music from rock to contemporary Christian, Tabi found her inspiration from artists such as Dodie, Grace Potter, Sara Bareilles and Hozier as well as groups like Fleetwood Mac and Twenty One Pilots. Her unique sound is a combination of the music knowledge she was picked up throughout the years.


In 2016, she formed a rock band, Written Addiction, and started performing. As Written Addiction picked up local attention for their songwriting and sound, Tabi decided to step out of her comfort zone and began to perform solo. After stepping away from the band in order to pursue her unique musical sound and identity, Tabi quickly started working on her first EP Eleven.


Her guitar playing has been called adventurous as she explores new tunings outside of the standard tunings commonly heard. Tabi tries to combine percussive elements into her music and as she is quickly gaining more traction on Spotify and social media as an LGBTQ+ artist, she is looking forward to where her career is taking her and the impact she is having on the community and other emerging artists.  

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