Tabi’s passion for music was a natural-born gift. She was known to be singing and whistling before she could even talk. Music meant the whole world to her. This was obvious to family members, especially after she picked up and began playing the guitar at just 3 years of age. She had a specific ear for music, having the ability to hear a melody and immediately play it back on instruments. She grew obsessed with every different genre there was, growing close to anything that had a guitar and powerful vocal.

She began performing publicly in 2016, after forming a rock band with her friends at school. The band, known as Written Addiction, grew to gain local attention for their work and songwriting. After playing with the band for over a year, she decided to step out of her comfort zone and begin performing her music for the public without a band. After beginning to play out on her own, Tabi’s songwriting grew to what it is today.

It first started with the question of if she could write a blues song. And slowly but surely Tabi fell in love with the idea of writing for any genre that she wanted, no genre being too different or weird. Now, she writes for the love of music, not to stay in a genre box. This is why many people have asked “ What genre are you exactly?” and she responds with “ Um, I’m a songwriter.” She doesn't know either, and she doesn't ever really want to.

Tabi found her inspiration from artists such as Dodie, JP Saxe, Sara Bareilles, and Orla Gartland, as well as groups like Fleetwood Mac and Twenty One Pilots. Her unique sound is a combination of her experiences and trials as a queer human in the industry.

Now a solo artist, Tabi has caught the attention of many local venues, where her passionate lyrics, confident guitar playing, and spot-on vocals have won over crowds from all walks of life. She is a regular at local venues, paying back the favor for all of the love and support she received early on in her career at open mic’s. Since her solo career began, Tabi has had the opportunity to play at such venues as Gaithersburg Arts Barn, and the Fillmore Silver Spring.

Tabi is also an advocate for music education, crediting herself as “A Product of Music Ed”. She continually talks about how much of an impact her music teachers had on her, inspiring her to do exactly what they do, and strive for success. She is quickly gaining more traction on Spotify and social media as an advocate and artist.

Check out her music and explore this page for more.

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